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Automate Your Recruiting

Lead Generation

Get dozens of qualified leads to your inbox every month.

Lead Management

Organize your leads all in one place with our proprietary Lead Management System CRM.

Lead Curation

Turn leads into recruits with our automated tools to qualify and convert leads.

Lead Generation

Conversion Optimized Websites

A custom website, built specifically for your office is the backbone to our lead generation systems. It has been designed for mobile so we can capture leads on any device, and utilizes cutting edge conversion practices to maximize your leads.


Qualified Lead Traffic

A website is only as good as the traffic it receives and lead generation is what we do better than anyone else. Through our partnerships with large online platforms like ZipRecruiter, Craigslist, Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, and several others, we deploy online ads, pay-per-click advertising, social retargeting, and direct email campaigns to get hundreds of qualified candidates on your website every month.

Lead Management

All your leads in one place

Every office gets it's own Lead Management System (LMS) to manage all of your leads. Here, you can leave notes, create tags, set follow up dates, assign leads to different team members, and a lot more. When new leads are captured, you'll be notified immediately by email, and your leads will be loaded into your Lead Management System so you can track them in one place. If you use a third-party CRM like BrokerKit, we can have leads sent directly there too.

Organize with your team

Your Lead Management System (LMS) can have unlimited Users, which means you can seamlessly have multiple people involved in the recruiting process. All of the information on every lead can been seen by all Users, and leads can be assigned to different Users throughout the process.

Recruiting websites for every agent too

Every Agent at your office can set up their very own recruiting website in just seconds. When your Agents promote their recruiting website to their contacts and generate leads, you'll be notified which Agent generated that lead so you can add them to their downline when they join.

Quick Links:

0:00 - Introduction to Lead Management System (LMS)
0:14 - Accessing your LMS / Logging into your account
0:39 - LMS Dashboard
1:00 - Leads overview
1:30 - Editing leads in panel view
1:45 - Adding and using tags
2:17 - Assigning leads and scheduling follow-up dates
2:50 - Creating notes for leads
3:00 - Searching for and finding leads in your LMS
3:18 - Using the leads table
3:45 - Users and user roles overview
4:27 - Wright Brothers Agent recruiting websites
5:15 - Adding or deleting new Users to your account
5:54 - Settings overview
6:07 - User settings
6:16 - Importing or exporting leads
6:43 - Brokerage settings

Lead Curation

Automatic Drip Campaigns

Immediate and consistent contact with your leads will increase conversion rates by over 90%. Our automatic drip campaigns are sent out to leads on your behalf to provide useful information and engage your leads during the crucial stages of your recruiting process.


Event invitations

Use our EventBrite integration to automatically invite leads to upcoming events at your office, like Career Nights or team meetings, immediately after they submit their contact information.


Two-step lead capture forms

Requiring too much information on a form can reduce the amount of leads generated, but too little may not be useful. With our two-step lead capture forms, we capture the most important information first (name, email, phone number) and then display an optional form with additional information to help you qualify leads. It’s the best of both worlds.

Referral Program

Refer A Friend

There is a section on the sign up form where the new location can enter your information.

You Get 1 Month Free

Once the new location completes their 1st monthly subscription, you will get your next month free.

They Get 1st Month Free!

Even if they have been with us before

The referral program is endless. The more locations you refer, the more free months you earn!

Plans and Pricing



  • 12 month contract required
  • No set up fee
  • Payments made monthly
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  • No contract
  • No set up fee
  • Payments made monthly
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Both Plans Include:

  • Customized recruiting website
  • Lead generation through advertising with services, such as, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Craigslist, Indeed, Facebook, etc.
  • Lead Management System
  • Automatic drip campaigns
  • Agent recruiting websites for every agent at your office