Our KSCORE integration allows us to promote the opportunity of going to school for free at your office to every unlicensed lead that comes through your website.

1 Select Yes if you are enrolled

If you are enrolled in KSCORE, our integration will offer your leads the ability to show interest in this KW service before you call them.
If you select "Yes" the following will occur:

  • The tab on your website called "get licensed" will now link to an information page about KSCORE you can view a sample here.
  • When a lead applies, they will be provided information about KSCORE immediately after they apply, depending on their licensing status (Unlicensed leads only).

2 Select No if you are not enrolled

If you are not enrolled in KSCORE and want to know more about it, you can visit Keller Williams School of Real Estate informational page here.
Please note if you are not enrolled in KSCORE but have a separate Real Estate School you’d like to link on your website, you can do so inside your Lead Management System.
Just head to settings then brokerage settings, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a space to insert your Real Estate School’s URL.