Integration Step by Step

Our Follow Up Boss integration makes it so that all leads generated by your Wright Brothers Recruiting account will be automatically loaded into your Follow Up Boss CRM in real time.

You must be a client of both Wright Brothers Recruiting and Follow Up Boss in order for this integration to work. To set this up please follow the detailed step by step below.

1 Obtain Your API Key

Whilst logged into your Follow Up Boss Account, follow these steps:

      -  Navigate to the Admin section (1)
      -  Inside the extras tab (2), Select the API dropdown (2),
      -  Create API key (3), this will automatically generate an API Key for you, at the top of the list you will see the newest API Key.
      -  Note: Take note of the API Key during creation as it will not display in full after creation
      -  Copy the API Key

2 Link Follow Up Boss with Wright Brothers Recruiting

While logged into your Lead Management System, navigate to Settings > Brokerage Settings, then paste your Follow Up Boss API Key into the Follow Up Boss API field and click Save Settings.

Once this is complete, every lead generated through your Wright Brothers Recruiting website will automatically be loaded into your Lead Management System, as well as your Follow Up Boss account. This won't affect how your leads are currently sent to you by Wright Brothers Recruiting and is only an additional integration to your existing system to make things easier.

If you are not currently a Follow Up Boss client, visit to learn more. They provide an industry-leading CRM for agent recruiting and retention.