Integration Guide

Our EventBrite integration allows us to promote upcoming events at your market center as soon as a lead comes through your website. Here's how to set it up:

1 Create an Account

Go to to set up a free account

2 Organizer Profile

Once logged into your EventBrite account visit your Organizer Profile, or click this link

3 Organizer Page ID

Scroll to the ‘Organizer Page URL’ section and copy the 11 digits that follow the final dash

4 Brokerage Settings

Log into your Wright Brothers Lead Management System, and click Settings, then Brokerage Settings from the left navigation bar

5 EventBrite User Key

Paste your 11 digit Organizer Page ID that you just copied into the EventBrite User Key field

Now your EventBrite account is linked to your Wright Brothers Recruiting account so any events you add to EventBrite will automatically be shown to leads when they sign up, so they can register for any upcoming events right then.

Now that everything is linked, it’s time to add your events.

6 Create An Event

Once logged into your EventBrite account, click “Create Event” at the top right corner

7 Make Your Event Live

Use their event creator to add all the details of your event, and Make Your Event Live. Be sure to list this as a ‘Public Page’ when creating the event.

Continue to add new events to your EventBrite account that you want shown to new leads. Once an event has past, it will be automatically removed from the list of events we show them. If you have questions or need help, email us at