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How We Started

Wright Brothers, Inc. was founded by brothers Casey and Corey Wright in 2005. In 2004, their parents (Ed and Angie Wright), top-producing Realtors in Mission Viejo, California, asked the brothers to spend their summer break designing an email marketing program that could be deployed as a replacement to the expensive print marketing campaigns that were the norm within the industry at the time. A few weeks later, the brothers launched a simple email program that delivered relevant content to past and prospective clients. Within a few months, Ed and Angie’s response rates and production soared. Soon, other agents began to take notice, and the brothers were inundated with requests to set up similar programs for other agents. In February of 2005, Casey and Corey formalized their product offering and officially founded Wright Brothers, Inc.

Meet the Crew

Our Key Players

Casey Wright
CEO, Co-founder
Corey Wright
COO, Co-founder
Rachael Unden
Client Support Representative
Van Gould
Web Developer/Designer
Jennifer Verkest
Client Support Representative

Our Core Values

At Wright Brothers, Inc., we have three core values:

Improve, Impress, Enjoy.

These three values inform every decision we make. But, rather than rattle on what each one of these values means to us, here are a couple stories that illustrate our values in action.


At WBI, we love to think outside the box, and our new hires are no exception. Coming from his long-time job at Starbucks, Jacob didn’t quite know what he was getting himself into in the first few days of his employment at WBI. As soon as the ink was dried on his employment contract, the team took off to Hollywood Hills for the WingWire retreat, where we hunkered down to plan the new launch of WingWire. Jacob, only having met the team once, drove from San Diego to LA and settled right on in to an 8 hour brainstorming session centered around a product he knew nothing about. Since that very first day, Jacob took on the task of learning WingWire inside and out, creating tutorial videos for the new launch, formulating the conversion strategy for new clients, and populating in-app notifications for the mobile app. For someone who knew nothing about what we were doing, Jacob stepped up in a very short amount of time to become an instrumental part of the team.


In the early days of WBI, Corey used to travel throughout the country to individual offices to shoot photos and videos of their offices. These trips were planned weeks in advance and too expensive to reschedule. On one particular trip, Corey showed up to an Office in South Florida. Upon arriving at the market center, heavy storm clouds rolled in, making all of the exterior shots appear gloomy and depressing. Our clients were a bit disappointed, but understood that we couldn’t control the weather. Corey wasn’t so sure. He spent the next several hours photoshopping each individual image with clear blue skies, until every picture looked like something out of a travel brochure for Florida. Needless to say, our clients were impressed that Corey had taken so much personal responsibility for an issue that was outside of his control.


In 2012, we moved into our first downtown office space. As a tenant at one of the most prestigious buildings downtown, we were surrounded by accountants and lawyers, who viewed our arrival skeptically, concerned that we would disrupt the professionalism of the office. Undaunted by their skepticism, Casey decided to win them over not by hiding our differences, but by celebrating them. Within two weeks, the WBI office (affectionately referred to as “The Hangar”) was the most popular in the entire building. Other tenants would drop by regularly to see our off-the-wall holiday decorations, watch our Saved by the Bell marathons, participate in our regular Nerf gun wars, and fly our remote controlled helicopter.

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