14 Reasons I’m Excited About 2014 by Casey Wright

You know it’s going to be an amazing year when you have trouble narrowing it down to only 14 reasons you’re excited about the year ahead. Here are 14 reasons I believe 2014 will be the best year of my life… World Cup in Brazil When the world’s best soccer country hosts the world’s biggest…

14 Reasons I’m Excited About 2014 by Casey Wright

You know it’s going to be an amazing year when you have trouble narrowing it down to only 14 reasons you’re excited about the year ahead. Here are 14 reasons I believe 2014 will be the best year of my life…

World Cup in Brazil

When the world’s best soccer country hosts the world’s biggest soccer event, you don’t ask anymore questions; you just book your flight and go. In June, I will be leaving for Brazil with a group of my closest friends to experience a once-in-a-lifetime World Cup. U-S-A, U-S-A!


Google Glass

After years of speculation and limited beta testing, this is the year Google Glass goes mainstream. Google Glass has the potential to unglue us from our phones and set our eyes back on the world in front of us, without having to miss out on any of our digital lives. More importantly, it could usher in a whole new era of wearable technologies that connect us to each other in more intuitive and seamless ways than we ever imagined.


Downtown San Diego

This isn’t the kind of story that gets reported in the mainstream media, but if you live in downtown San Diego, you can feel it. This city is on fire right now! New restaurants, bars, and buildings are popping up all over the place. This year saw record crowds for Comic Con, Intervention, and downtown summer tourism. 2014 will be even bigger. There is nothing like living in the middle of a city on the rise.



WingWire is our secret weapon at Wright Brothers, Inc.—a technology that is far ahead of its time, but not even close to where it will soon be. 2014 is the year when WingWire reaches its full potential and reaches a mainstream audience. Everything we have done for the last several years has been to put is in a position to take WingWire to its intended destination. Now, everything is in place, and the plan is about to be unveiled. Buckle up. WingWire is about to revolutionize web presence for real estate professionals.



The Golden Era of television just keeps getting better. Last year saw the finale of Breaking Bad. This year, we see Mad Men’s conclusion, while relative newcomers like Homeland are starting to gather steam. Years from now, our children will remember this time like we remember the 60’s rock explosion—so much good stuff, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.


Titan’s 5th Birthday Party

I’m one of those obnoxious pet owners who shows pictures of my dog like most proud parents show pictures of their newborn children. My most obnoxious pet owner tendency is the need to throw increasingly excessive birthday parties for my dog Titan. Last year, we rented out the entire patio of a trendy San Diego restaurant and even had a special menu for the canine guests. I’m not sure what this year will entail, but it will almost certainly include a special guest artist and a yacht.


Bachelor Parties & Weddings

My brother is finally getting married! Sorry ladies. Always the consummate negotiator, Corey somehow parlayed this singular event into two destination bachelor parties and a destination wedding in Cancun. As the Best Man, I couldn’t be more excited to travel the world with my brother this year in celebration of his eroding freedom.



Over the last several years, Downtown San Diego has become a hot spot for emerging entrepreneurial talent. Over the last couple years, I have been privileged to connect with many of these emerging entrepreneurs, and it’s been an amazing ride to discover so many like-minded people in the same geographical space. Never have I been surrounded by so many high quality friends, or been so excited to develop the friendships in my life even further.


The Hangar II

At the end of 2013, we moved into the 28th floor of the most prestigious building in San Diego. It was a substantial upgrade from our previous space, but we’re not even close to finished yet. Over the next several months, we will be putting the finishing touches on what is inarguably the coolest office space in the entire city. Stay tuned for the video office tour coming soon. I still have to pinch myself every day I walk into the office and realize I actually work here.


Personal Fitness

I love achieving new fitness goals, but 2013 was a small step backwards for me. Between all of the work progress, traveling, and new friendships, my focus dissipated, and my fitness didn’t improve much. This year, I enter the year recharged and refocused. I am ready to bust through my fitness plateaus, and end the year on an entirely new fitness plane.


San Diego Sports (and the Clippers)

As a San Diego sports fan, you learn to accept frustration and disappointment, but this year, that script appears to be changing. The San Diego State men’s basketball team just beat Kansas, and is now being discussed as a legitimate March Madness contender, the Chargers upset the Bengals in a road playoff game, and the Padres are in the middle of a surprisingly productive offseason. To top it all off, my NBA team, the Clippers, are playing lights out, and appear poised to make a real run at the championship, once future hall-of-famer Chris Paul gets back on the court.


Miley Cyrus

In 2013, she gave us the Wrecking Ball and epic live performances that introduced “twerking” into the colloquial vernacular and featured a giant crying kitten (how was she the first performer to think of that?!). What does 2014 hold for the most talented performer in human history? I can’t be sure. All I know is that I, for one, support our scantily clad teenaged overlord. Long live Miley!


Quadcopter Drone Flights

One of my nerdiest passions is flying remote controlled quadcopter drones. This year, a new fleet of drones offers increased recording capabilities, making it possible to see aerial views of the city, the ocean, or anything else you can imagine…in real time. I’m ordering my new drone this weekend, and I can’t wait to geek out on it all year.


Family Time

Last year was a busy year for my whole family, and the result was diminished family time. We still pulled together for the holidays and an epic football vacation in Washington DC, but this year, we will be spending a lot more time together. We have two family vacations already planned, including a week of awesomeness in Cancun, celebrating Corey’s marriage. Additionally, I have several trips planned with Corey, and a special trip planned with my Dad towards the end of summer. Still trying to find the perfect vacation for me and my mom; so far, African safari is the frontrunner. Nothing is more important than family, and in 2014, I’m finally going to get my fill.

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